Installing Artificial Turf for Sydney Yards: 6 Benefits of the Transition

artificial grass

Making the transition to artificial turf for Sydney yards is a positive step in the right direction.

The toil it takes to maintain a natural lawn eventually wears down homeowners who already have enough to manage day to day.

We will outline 6 benefits of making the switch to artificial turf Sydney designs.


1) Safe Family Environment

A key selling point that is often identified with clients who install artificial turf for Sydney yards is the user-friendly nature of the surface. Without the need to spread toxic sprays and pesticides, those chemicals are not present for young children and pets exposed to these areas of the property. Depending on the location of the city from the Inner West to the Eastern Suburbs, there will be homeowners who are dealing with an infestation of pests and bugs that eat away at their natural turf. A synthetic installation will remove that concern.


2) Picturesque Setting

There is no doubt that the use of artificial turf for Sydney yards will produce that stunning green shine and glow that homeowners crave. This is not a vanity project but a means of adding genuine value to a property. Especially when the natural alternative will experience wear and tear 12 months of the year to suffer from drought and flooding conditions, this is a resistant surface that produces the goods in spite of the conditions. It will be appealing for residents, guests and even real estate agents if the home is put on the open market.


3) Lower Water Consumption

Of the first significant long-term cost savings that is evident with artificial turf for Sydney yards, the absence of watering the grass remains a major benefit. A decent percentage of the utility bill can be spent over the spring and summer months water the yard to ensure that it does not dry out. Even with water restrictions being implemented during this time, there is always a desire to sprinkle some water on top. These outlets require no such maintenance, allowing citizens to save on their water bill while saving that resource for better use.


4) No Mower Use

Whether it is the push mower or ride-on, residents can rest easy knowing that their Saturday afternoons are free when implementing artificial turf for Sydney yards. This is great news for those that are worn down by fuel and oil costs alongside the strain of maintaining the outlet and storing the product safely. Yet it is even an issue for those that have an electric mower to charge and look after for 12 months of the year. These items can either direct their attention to other areas of the property or be leased, sold or given away.


5) Customised Design Installation

The good news for those residents paying closer attention to fake grass outlets in Sydney is that they have flexibility for these products depending on their budget. At one end of the scale there is the affordable polypropylene surfaces that can cater to a majority of front or backyard settings. Then there is the more boutique designs that are showcased with the polyethylene and nylon artificial models. Constituents can integrate one of these styles dependent on their financial situation, the amount of coverage they need and what their stylistic preference happens to be.


6) Peace of Mind

The convenience of installing artificial turf for Sydney yards is clear for all to see, but there is a relief that is present when allowing this product to shine without being consumed by maintenance requirements. The costs are lower. The energy and effort required to condition the grass is diminished. There are few projects in 2020 that can deliver that much needed peace of mind quite like integrating artificial turf for Sydney yards.