How Your Property Will be Optimised Following an Arborist Appointment


Australian residents who have a certified arborist to call upon will already be ahead of the game.

These operators work to optimise domestic properties, offering services and expert analysis that removes risks and maximises opportunity no matter the profile of home.

We will discuss how these professionals get the most out of a property just by applying their skills and expertise to each client’s land.


Removing Dead & Decaying Trees

tree removal

Before any extensive work can be undertaken on a client’s property, a certified arborist will look to remove any dead or decaying trees and foliage from a site. From weak and diseased limbs to fallen branches and structures that have been left impacted by drought, high winds and heavy rain, a certified operator knows that the yard cannot be optimised without taking these elements out of the equation. Once this extensive pruning and cutting has been executed, the following steps will be easier to address.


Removing Pests & Infestations

The spread of pests and infestations remain one of the key causes of tree damage, seeing roots upended and decaying. The use of a specialist arborist will work to meet that challenge directly, applying a range of sprays and fertilisers that will ward off bugs, moths, beetles locusts, millipedes, wasps, flies, ants earwigs, slugs, termites and other species that will have an adverse impact on the native environment.


Fertilisation Procedures

A fertile soil is the backbone of a property that is in good health. Supplemented with the right nutrients, these species will thrive as they are supported by a fertile composition that is uniquely designed to address root deficiencies as well as helping the trees fight their own battles against pests and natural decay. A local arborist who understands the landscape will be best placed to provide expertise in this domain, offering specialist insights into which fertilisation procedures will work for the species of trees on site.


Irrigation Focus

For trees to experience a healthy level of growth, the irrigation system has to be effectively implemented. If there is too little or too much water that the roots are exposed to, there can be extensive damage that becomes costly. By having a certified and experienced arborist to call upon, constituents will have a specialist who will moderate a balanced irrigation infrastructure, leveraging the local water resource while providing alternative measures in case of flooding. Should they receive the right amount of watering throughout the seasons, they will have the nutrients that they need to survive in the Australian climate.


Planting for Long-Term Property Optimisation

There are constituents who can confuse the role of an arborist with a general landscaper or gardener. While there are some duties that will overlap, these specialists provide long-term optimisation benefits. From identifying which species of tree to plant, where that planting should be located and how the terrain can be cared for to give necessary support, these steps venture beyond short-term damage control.


Council Project Clearance

For those domestic residents who are looking at a development project that impacts upon the local landscape, they will need to venture beyond a general gardener. To receive official clearance and certification for such a project through council, an arborist will have to be consulted as they run through an appraisal and assessment for the location. This will provide peace of mind for families as well as equipping them with more options should they decide to cut down or plant trees for the purpose of the project.


Booking in with an official arborist appointment is incredibly beneficial for local homeowners who want to optimise their property. Rather than just responding to a dead or decaying tree or trying to address a flooding issue with the garden irrigation, these operators will safeguard the location for long-term health.